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Our Brisbane Electrical Services

Quik Electrical Services can handle anything that you may need to have serviced.
Whether it's electrical maintenance, installations, or an emergency electrician call out, we promise the finest customer service.

24 Hour Electrician

There’s nothing more inconvenient than a power failure or electrical breakdown. When it happens, you need a 24 hour electrician that you can rely on to turn up and solve the problem.

24 Hour Electrician – Ready When You Need Us!

Whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial customer you can be sure that Quik Electrical will have an emergency electrician to your premises quickly. It comes with the name!

Our electricians carry the latest electrical fault detection equipment including underground fault finding and thermo imaging technology. All our electricians are fully licensed and certified.

So if you don’t have a 24 hour electrician you can call on give Quik Electrical Services a go. You can count on Quik to be there when you need us.

Electrical Services

Delivering the Full Range of Electrical Services – Installations, Maintenance & Breakdown Service

Quik Electrical are specialists in all electrical services including installations, alterations, additions and electrical breakdown repair for commercial, industrial and domestic customers.

No matter what your building or renovation project. Effective planning of your electrical installation is essential. At Quik Electrical we work with you to design the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your specific needs.

Electrical contractor licence no. 4660 

Electrical Breakdown Service

When you’re faced with an electrical breakdown or appliance failure you need help straightway. At Quik Electrical we provide a 24/7 electrical breakdown and appliance repair service that you can count on. Our close-knit team of electricians is available to attend to your requirements day or night in a range of locations throughout South East Queensland. Put us to the test and you’ll find just how responsive an electrical breakdown service can be.

Underground Cable Fault Finding

Underground electrical cables have become more and more common over the years. While they conveniently hide away electrical cabling the downside is that cables and faults can be difficult to pinpoint. Underground cable fault detectors have made this job a lot easier. Quik Electrical Services is equipped with the latest cable fault finding technology meaning we can rapidly locate damage to the underground cabling, so we know exactly where to dig. Just one more way Quik Electrical can save you time and money in diagnosing electrical faults.


Electrical testing using thermal imaging. Quik Electrical offers our customers the latest in thermal imaging equipment that we use to diagnose electrical faults before they become costly failures. Thermal imaging technology allows us to locate and isolate problems and move quickly towards dealing with the problem.

Data Cabling

At Quik Electrical we recognize the fact that everyone has different data cabling needs. For this reason we have established a number of Senior Technicians who are able to provide additional assistance in specialist areas such as data cabling and communications.

All data cabling work, including telephone, data, fire and security alarm systems cabling, that connects or is intended to connect with the telecommunications network must be performed by an ACRS registered cabler, or under the direct supervision of a registered cabler.

Data Cabling Brisbane and surrounding suburbs

We are Austel approved (licence no. 3049) with data cabling experience ranging from computer cabling through to telephone systems. We are able to cover maintenance and alteration requirements.

If you have particular technical requirements that you feel need specialist attention, simply call one of our dedicated technical staff and they will be only too happy to assist you.

›› Data
›› Telephones
›› Security

Quik Electrical Services is an ACRS registered data cabler. Meaning we are recognised as have undertaken appropriate training modules to ensure that we are competent to perform the cabling work according to the Wiring Rules (Australian Standard AS/ACIF S009), which ensure safety to consumers, cablers and the network. Our ACRS licence number is 3049.

Air Conditioners

With Quik Electrical handling your air conditioning repair, you can be sure you’ll be sitting back in cool comfort in no time at all.

Quik Electrical can repair and service all models and work across residential, commercial and industrial systems.

If you have questions about the availability, performance and installation of an air-conditioning system, whether it be a simple split system or a large ducted installation, inquire NOW and we will promptly reply.

We have extensive experience with systems such as Carrier, Email Air and Mitsubishi Electric.

Air Conditioning Repair and Service

We use and recommend a variety of air conditioning units to suit your individual requirements.

With our team of qualified tradesmen we offer:
›› A Detailed survey of your premises
›› Ducted, split and room air-conditioners
›› Full Installation
›› Maintenance
›› Repair Service

Complete with comprehensive warranty cover on several major brands

Home lighting

Quik Electrical is Arctick Certified meaning our technician are qualified and accredited to service equipment containing refrigerant gases. Our Arctick licence number is AU00519. For more information please visit

Repair & Installation

Quik Electrical are specialists in all electrical services including installations, alterations, additions and electrical breakdown repair for commercial, industrial and domestic.

Genral Services

Quik Electrical Services are geared at pinpointing issues in your home and forming a plan of action for efficient, effective solutions. The complexity of the electrical system running through your home means electrical repair and maintenance tasks are best left to professionals. Our trained, licensed employees have the knowledge needed to get to the bottom of issues without causing you a headache by tearing apart your home searching for the problem. Solutions are suggested based on your budget and needs, and we work hard to make appointments fit with your schedule to minimize any disruptions.

Quik Electrical Services include:
›› Wiring upgrades
›› Safety inspections
›› Wiring for lighting
›› Installation
›› Improvements for greater efficiency


Commercial & industrial lighting solutions
Quik Electrical has wide experience in planning, installation and maintenance of:

›› Building exteriors
›› Warehouses
›› Office lighting
›› Sports fields
›› Lighting maintenance and work at heights
›› Emergency illumination
›› Scheduled service to Emergency and Exit Fittings

Home lighting

There are many things to consider when designing the choice of lights in your new home. Quik can help you create a solution that suits your family and your budget. The correct lights not only set an inviting atmosphere but must also provide safe illumination and security.

We can offer you an extensive range of light fittings. Including both interior and exterior lights as well as other related products. As different light sources are designed to do different jobs, make sure you get the right advice before purchasing light fittings.

Call us on 0477 887 845 to make an appointment now.

Emergency Electrician

Emergency Electricians You Can Rely On!

Call us on 0418 711 450 day or night

If you have an electrical breakdown or appliance failure you need an emergency electrician right away. Most of all you need to know that your emergency electrician will show up!

Quik Electrical provides a 24/7 emergency electrician service that you can count on. Whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial customer our team of emergency electricians will be there day or night.

Electrical breakdown warning signs

Avoid needing to call an emergency electrician in the first place. It’s always better to deal with faulty electrical circuits and appliances before they fail.

Be on the look out for these warning signs of electrical breakdown:

burning smells coming from appliances, switchboards and power outlets
discolouration of outlets, switches and cabling
flickering or ‘shimmering’ lights
power fluctuations

The winter months can increase the risk of electrical breakdown due to the increased loads caused by heating appliances

Preventing electrical breakdowns

These links open in anew tab or window:

›› Maintain your electrical circuits and equipment and have them inspected on a regular schedule.
›› Ensure your premises are fitted with an electrical safety switch.
›› Don’t operate equipment beyond its rated capacity and always follow manufacturer’s instructions.
›› Do not overload power points by piggybacking multiple double adapters and power boards.

Enquire about our Electrical Services today!

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